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At some point in our careers, we need to invest in ourselves as professional actors who want to break into the competitive industry of entertainment.


As it is essential for actors to keep training, honing their skills, and equip themselves with the necessary tools, the same goes for the investment they have to make to showcase their talent to the casting directors, directors, and producers. 


This investment is your headshots and showreels. They both manifestly need our ultimate attention to make you stand out and bring you the audition to land your next role.


What we aim for is to produce scenes that are shot and directed in a cinematic manner, treating every scene as it's been a part of a whole feature, or series, or even a short film on its own.


Our scripts are bespoke and from scratch and all the characters highlight actors' abilities and entice them to give outstanding performances.


Showcasing every aspect of their acting. We make sure that every take counts, which is why we coach the actors on their characters and their scene.

Productive collaboration and exchanging ideas are the elements that are more important to us for an unequaled result.



''Gabriel is a man of many talents. For headshot photography, he has a revolutionary style and approach. He leads the sessions by asking what it is your seeking which is nice but that’s not the key element he THEN: DIRECTS you as an ACTOR. Many times at drama school I heard my friends say they hated getting their headshots done because they felt so awkward. I personally found it fun because I had modelled for friends before but that’s not the key to getting great headshots. You might get pretty pictures - but what really constitutes a great headshot? Modelling is not remotely similar to acting. And this is precisely why his headshot session is groundbreaking. I have gotten so many jobs with it -of course, I work really hard and submit myself to tons and tons of jobs but it’s also because the headshots he takes are striking and they show *character*. His headshots show you doing your job as an actor, you can sense the characters jumping out of the picture. And the process is very very fun. Just relax and prepare to have a good time with results that will positively surprise you. 

For the showreel process: Gabriel listened to what I really needed, what I didn’t already have in my showreel. He then came up with the script idea. We were able to do a rehearsed reading on zoom and ask him any questions along the way. Then we met up to shoot and we quickly shot the whole scene(s)! He can make the final scene look pretty cool and it’s a great way to showcase what you can do. He will take care of you (make you look good) in the edit as well''


Laura De Sommar

From the moment I spoke with Gabriel I knew we will collaborate amazingly. I am absolutely in love with my headshots & showreel. Treated me incredibly. Can't recommend highly enough.  Brilliant company

Celine  R. Chapuis

I would highly recommend Three Acts World Productions for headshots! As an actor it can always be an awkward and hard process getting your headshots but, Gabriel puts you at ease and has a way of working with you. By getting you to do what you love, act! Which brings that spark of engagement and joy to the camera lens. The session flew by and I had my photos in a very quick turn around. His appreciation and attention to detail made me sure we would get great photos. And We did. I am very sure I will be returning to this company again. 

L J   Reeves

Working with Gabriel was extremely fun and exciting! He was very helpful, open to suggestions and, most importantly, very passionate about what he was doing. He really cares about making your performance shine so that you look at your best. My headshots and scenes look amazing!!! Very happy with Three Acts World Productions!!!!

Letty Celotti

I enjoyed every moment working on set with three acts productions and found it very relaxing. The director is extremely professional and goes out of his way to ensure every shot is taken to the best standard possible and is very thorough with this work. I am extremely happy with my footage received and would highly recommend three acts productions to anyone looking to get footage done or even just for experience filming on set!

Ellie Marielie

It was an amazing shoot thanks to Gabriel Syfer for filming and writing the script. I would 100% recommend using him . Amazing cast and I had such a brilliant time working with Three Acts World.

Daniel Lincoln Ashton

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