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Welcome to Three Acts World Productions. We're Gabriel and Maria and we've been professional actors for over a decade. Alongside our training and career, we always had a great deal of interest to explore all the aspects of our profession.


Because of our constant passion to be proactive and creative in our very beginnings we created short films with High 8 cameras, DV Cameras, DSLR, and whatever was available at the time.  


This built up our experience as actors working on screen and also what you need to know behind the cameras from the Pre-Production to Post-Production. Now we film with Blackmagic Cinema camera 4K and we work the post-production on Davinci Resolve Studio and Premiere Pro.


We participated in the past in a short film festival and we take pride that as a couple we have learned how an actor can be prepared for his best performance and how to show those elements of his best acting through the direction and the post-production process.

We know what it takes to elevate the charisma every actor can have, as we definitely can relate to the struggle to build the best materials to showcase your talent.


We formed the Three Acts World Productions to provide cinematic showreels for actors based in London that take their game to a whole other level.


We write tailored scripts according to your needs and visions, character analysis, and break down of the scenes along with rehearsals and close direction to achieve the best result. All these with the most friendly, collaborative, fun but most importantly under the prism of professionalism. 

We value our work and go always the extra mile taking shots until we have the desired result and bringing to you a professional cinematic showreel that you feel proud about it.



Gabriel Syfer

Gabriel was born in Greece in Thessaloniki and he is based London. is an actor, writer & director. He graduated with Honors and Bachelor from drama school. He kept training in workshops and seminars in Greece and London honing his craft and skills. He is known for his performances in Theatre in Pains of Youth, 13 clocks, Extremeties , Fission( which is the first play he wrote) and several others. He has appeared in films and in TV. He has directed two plays on Stage, one in Athens and one in London. He has participated in film festivals in Greece.He is the author of Dive into Acting for Beginners found in Amazon. He is the co-founder of Three Acts World Productions.

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Maria Baeva

Maria is an actress and writer who  was born in Ukraine and grew up in Greece. She graduated with Honors and Bachelor from drama school. She is known for his performances in Theatre in Pains of Youth, Don Juan, Ladies' Tailor , Fission and several others. She has attended in several international workshops in Moscow, training in Stanislavski technique, Acting on camera with Nikita Mikhalkov and directing. Also, she has made an intense 3 months workshop in London. She has participated in film festivals in Greece and she is the co-founder of Three Acts World Productions.

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