Frequently asked questions

Where would the shoot take place?

The headshot session takes place in a studio setting in our place in Bromley.

What should I wear?

Pick colours that come with contrast to your skin ( t-shirt, V-shape t-shirt, V-shape blouse,
blouse). Avoid white colour as it reflects with the lights but it might work as an inside layer. Avoid all the creamy colour tones. Having a nice shirt with you as always helps. On this basis we advise you to wear clothes that compliment you and also reflect on a character.

What should i do with my hair and makeup

Nothing too fancy, intense or to change your characteristics. We need to see you. In terms of hair avoid hair cuts and to colour them the day before your headshot session because it takes time for them to settle. If you are planning to change your hair style ( for women ponny tails, half tight half loose, all loose and for men with hair product or without, ) it s better to have your hair ready accordingly so all the changes to happen fast and with ease for you and the pace of the session. We advice you to always have styles closer to your life so when the audition comes the casting director will see the same person they invited.

How long does the photoshoot take?

The photoshoot takes 2 hours. Half hour we go briefly through your lookings, what you want to achieve in your headshots and how we will work during the session so find the pace and the efficiency of the shooting fast. The shooting lasts an hour and a half.

Indoor or Outdoor is better?

Indoor shoots provide full control on light and background, whereas you have zero control on outdoor conditions. If shooting on location, do not shoot in the middle of the day when the sun is high and bright as you will not get good results. Instead, aim for the ‘golden hour’ - just before sunset is perfect.

When do i pay you? Is deposit needed?

No there is no need of a deposit for your headshot session. You just need to sort out the payment straight after you receive the first selection of your headshots and before the delivery of the chosen for editing.

What payment methods do I have?

Bank transfer is our preferred payment method . When you book a showreel with us, We'll send you an invoice with all the relevant details. All the payments must be sorted before the delivery of the edited scene.

When i will get my photos?

Normally the first selection you take them the first 48 hours after the session so you will get to choose your final 4 headshots you want us to edit for you. In the end you are licenced for these 4 to use them as you wish but you don't get all the other headshots. Any additional headshot you want to be edited there is an extra cost of £10

How many final retouched headshots will I receive?

You receive 4 final retouched Headshots

How often should I get new headshots?

Ultimately every 6 months . But if there will be any dramatic change during this period like hair colour, weight, hair length it is better to get new headshots earlier than that.

I love black and white, do I really need a colour shot?

Black and white used to be the main format in headshots but unfortunately not anymore. The headshots needs to be coloured

Do I get to keep all of the unedited shots from the shoot?

No, sorry - we don’t offer the unretouched shots. However you will have access in your favourite collection in your digital album for a further week if you decide you want and additional edited headshot

Can I order extra retouches as well as the ones included in the package?

Abdolutely. We have one week extra access only to your favourite collection in your digital album in case you change your mind.

Do you shoot weekends?

Yes we do and without additional cost

Is it good idea to get my hair cut before the shoot?

Absolutely no. It is better to have had your haircut one week at least before your session.

I wear glasses, can we get a few with me wearing them?

If you usually wear them yes we can take few shots with them, but it is better most of the headshots to be without.

Is there parking?

No, Unfortunately we cannot provide a parking but the neighborhood has a lot of availability.

When does the gallery of my headshots go online for me to choose?

Once I've picked my headshots, how long do they take to edit?

On most occassions you get them in less than 48 hours.