Frequently asked questions

Why should i come to you? Cant i just do it on my phone?

Audition tapes have entered decisevley in every actors life and many have the ability to do them on i-phone with a light ring and and backdrop. All these work perfectly fine. Having the technical part covered with us, we offer coaching on your scene and be your reading partner. As actors we know exactly how we can help you in a reading and give you a proper supportive performance that will highlight even more your performance.

Where are you based?

We are based in Bromley, London

How long does a self tape session last?

What if I have a last-minute self tape?

We can accomodate you even if you have an open window to deliver your tape in 24hours.

How many takes can I do?

We will coach you and make you ready for your scene. We will rehearse it several times to block certain things in your performance and then you can have 5 takes. You don't need more to choose your best

How do you work?

Do you offer direction?

Yes we do offer direction and coaching on the scene and your character

Do you have an auto-cue?

We do provide an auto-que of our own making

Do you provide a reader?

Definetely we can be your reader and be active acting partners to help you even more in your performance.

Can I bring my own reader?

Ofcourse you can bring your own reader.

How long until I receive my tape?

How do you send my tape(s)?

Do you colour grade?

We make sure your are cropped, positioned and lit in a very professional and effective way that will give to the casting director great impression of your work. A self-tape must be as more natural as possible so we do not do colour grading.

How do I pay?

Do you have parking?

Unfortunately we can not provide parking but there is fle