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  • Where are you based?
    We are based in South East London ( Bromley ) and primarily we are filming here as we have spotted fastastic locations. Although we are happy to travel to the location of your preference as long as it is in London. We charge travel expenses for non London Locations.
  • Do you have parking?
    No, Unfortunately we cannot provide a parking but the neighborhood has a lot of availability.
  • Are you filming Showreels on weekends
    No, unfortunately we do not film during weekends.
  • Do you provide scene partners?
    We will be more than happy to assist you to find the ideal partner for your scene. Although there might be an additional fee. However we always encourage you to do a research in pages like Actors UK in facebook, where there are actors who are constantly looking to update their showreel for free.
  • Can I split the cost of my scene with a partner?
    Definetely you can. The price is per scene not per person.
  • Do I need a scene partner?
    Absolutely not. You can have your own scene as a solo, as we can provide you with bespoken monologues.
  • Do you write bespoken scenes or I can bring my own material?
    We write bespoken scenes tailored to your needs and to your abilities to achieve the highest performance. Although you can always bring your own scene as long as you have the permision to use it, but we need to discuss it in advance, as adjustments might required. Scripts must be no longer than 2 pages of industry standard. Μust be set in a single location, and have only two actors. There can be no fight scenes,blood, weapons, special effects, action sequences or animals included in your script. We reserve the right to refuse to film any script we deem inappropriate or find offensive.
  • What happens if the allocated day of the shooting the weather is bad?
    Well rain is a posibiliity in London but we can still film as long as it doesn't affect the integrity of the equipment and the performance of the actors. If so, the filming will be rescheduled.
  • Do you provide one final edit or individual edit for every actor?
    Every scene that we write for our actors has aproximately equal amount of lines for both so they can be able to use the same edit.
  • What payment methods can I choose?
    Bank transfer is our preferred payment method . When you book a showreel with us, We'll send you an invoice with all the relevant details. All the payments must be sorted before the delivery of the edited scene.
  • Do you require a deposit upfront?
    Yes. We have a 25% deposit upfront which is essensial to reserve the date of shooting and move forward with the production. The deposit is not refundable and will be ofcourse deducted from the total cost.
  • How many actors can I have in my showreel scene?
    A maximum of 2.
  • How many scenes can you shoot in one day?
    We focus always to keep our work standards high and intact , so we only film up to two scenes in one day or one scene and a headshot session.
  • Will you add soundtrack in my scene?
    There are scenes that they don't need music at all but some others they need it because it serves the purpose of the scene better and the action. In these occassions we use music. Music has to come hand by hand with the performance and lift it, so we use it wisely and when it is neccessary.
  • Can we shoot a period scene?
    Ofcourse we can and we would love to do it! Although it has to be shot somewhere we have access for free and masquarade the present. You have to provide your own costumes and props. We have a great location in Bromley which can be the set of a scene like that and add fantastic production value to the showreel. If you'd like to use a different location, by all meand we will be happy to film there but you'd be responsible for finding it and paying any required fees.
  • Do you provide the locations?
    We film mainly outdoors in places where we have free access. We have spotted many locations in Bromley ( forests, parks, paths, roads, bridges) that provide ultimate cinematic set.If you have any specific location in mind, that the access is free or you have got permission to use, as long as it is in London we are happy to travel to you.If it is outside of London it will be an additional cost. For indoors we are shooting at your place as we believe that you are more comfortable there and as for hotels, restaurants, theaters, bars-pubs, castles will be glad to film there if you have taken permision to use them.
  • Do you provide costumes and props?
    Unfortunately no. Costumes, props, makeup and hairstyle will be your responsibility.
  • Can i reschedule or cancel my showreel film?
    Once we book and arrange the shooting day we do not aceept cancellations. However we allow one free reschedule if there will be notice at least two weeks in advance. In other case there is an additional £50 fee . Rescheduling affects our whole shooting plan and other actors as well who have booked with us. But we want to be fair on this matter and because we are actors as well ,we might have a last minute booked role that we didn't expect and maybe we will be the reason to reschedule. In this case we will deduct £50 from your showreel cost if our notice is less than two weeks.
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